E-cigarettes Hobart - Vaping in Tasmania

Electronic cigarettes are a much cleaner alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes - they produce no smoke, and create no ash. There are many places where you can "vape" e-cigarettes in Hobart where traditional smoking is prohibited. One often overlooked advantage of e-cigarettes is that you can take just one puff and then put the ecig back in your pocket - perfect for a quick nicotine hit while waiting for the bus, or for taking a sneaky puff when nobody is looking! If you have been thinking about getting off cigarettes and moving to vaping, now is the time. It's now easier than ever to buy e-cigarettes in Hobart - the starter kit range is very popular with new vapers who are moving from smoking tobacco to e-cigarettes and vaporizers, and there's a great range of nicotine e liquid to try if you've already converted.

What do I need to buy to get into vaping?
If you've never tried vaping before, we suggest getting an e-cigarette starter kit. Starter kits are easily the best way to buy e-cigarettes in Hobart if you're new to vaping. E-cigarettes feel physically very similar to holding a cigarette, and the smoking sensation is almost identical. E-cig starter kits come with everything you need to get started, but we suggest buying some extra refills with your first order. Starter kits are available in several flavours and nicotine levels.

E-cigarettes Hobart

What are personal vaporizers?
Personal vaporizers are a larger more advanced version of an e-cigarette. Unlike e-cigarettes, vaporizers look nothing like a regular cigarette. They're physically larger, have a larger capacity battery, and are filled with e-liquid instead of cartridge refills. The variety of flavours available for vaporizers is mind boggling! Most people who make the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping start with e-cigarettes, and then move to a personal vaporizer. But if you want to jump in with both feet and go straight to a vaporizer, then grab a Vaporizer starter kit - these kits include everything you need to get started, plus you get to choose from a huge range of over 50 e-liquid flavours such as Apple, Cappuccino, Cherry and Vanilla.

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